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August 29, 2006

Style Juice

Style Juice is very stylish and unique post production in South Korea. They have done various commercial works for famous companies in Korea such as Hyundai, LG and Samsung. They also made variety Music Video, Moving images for exhibition and Motion Graphics film for the Resfest digital film festival.
Visit Style Juice and enjoy their works. ---> Let's Click!!!


Title : 따뜻한 디지털 세상 Title(Bridge)
Run time : 10"
Motion Picture Company : STYLEJUICE
Director : Jae-hyuck Choi
Animation/Painting : Hana Seo
Motion/2D Effects : Jae-hyuck Choi
2D Design : Do-kyun Kim

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August 15, 2006

ROJO®berg flame is now


ROJO®berg flame is now
El nuevo número de la revista impresa ya está en el horno, con magnifica portada de Ovni & Kenor, y 160 páginas a todo color llenas de obra exclusiva realizada especificamente para ROJO® por artistas y colaboradores seleccionados. The new issue of the printed magazine is being cooked now, with an beautiful cover by Ovni & Kenor, and 160 full color pages showcasing specific and exclusive artwork made for ROJO® by selected worldwide art contributors.

Más información muy pronto | More information soon

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Digital Pollock

Digital Painting by Jin. 14th of August, 2006

Jacksonpollock.org, a website by Miltos Manetas, 2003.
Unique edition, Courtesy Yvon Lambert Gallery, NY

Flash animation based on "Splatter" by Michal Migurski, Stamen

This work is offered under a Creative Commmons License.

Let's play fantastic Pollock's work ---> Click!!!

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August 10, 2006

Painting a gum trail

Painting a gum trail By Peter Stebbings

Sticky situation: artist Ben Wilson at work painting discarded chewing gum in High Street, Barnet, this week

Not many people know this but, at any one time, approximately 300,000 pieces of the stuff are stuck to the pavement in Oxford Street. Just cleaning it up would cost about £30,000, but now an artist has come up with a novel way of dealing with the problem by painting on it.

And Ben Wilson, 41, originally from Barnet, but now living in Muswell Hill, does not do things by halves.

He intends to paint pictures faces, animals, suns, name it and he will do it on pieces of discarded gum all the way from Barnet to the West End of London.

"I'm just going to keep going and see how far I get," said Mr Wilson, who started his quest at the Hadley end of High Street, Barnet. "I use acrylic paint and varnish, then I've got a little burner to dry it. I've done different pictures cups of tea, elephants, flowers I do requests as well. Often I just draw whatever takes me on that day."

Mr Wilson said he has had a number of people stop and look at his work and most have praised him for trying to beautify what is, ultimately, just rubbish on our pavements. He also denies accusations it draws attention to the gum.

"I'm not defacing the pavement, it is more sensitive than that. I don't want to get in people's faces I'm not a graffiti artist. You get so many reactions from people, their reactions are so different, but rarely are they negative."

Mr Wilson's idea to get down on his hands and knees to paint gum people have spat out on the floor is not just a bizarre manifestation of a mid-life crisis. He has already done the same thing in Holloway Road. Nor does he restrict himself to gum. He has spent time abroad in America and Finland doing what he calls large-scale construction' and has also done some sculpting (one of his works is proudly displayed outside his mother's house in Barnet).

More than a month after starting at the top end of High Street, Barnet, he has progressed less than a quarter-of-a-mile southwards, despite working more or less five days a week. So does he really think he can make it all the way into the centre of London?

"We'll see," he said. "I'm just going to keep drawing and see where the momentum takes me."

10:47am Thursday 23rd December 2004 / This is Local London.
순간포착 세상에 이런일이 10/08/2006 SBS 방송

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Rabbit & Dragon

묘(卯-토끼)는 음토(陰土)로서 조용하고 차분한 것을 좋아하며 이것저것 잡다한 생각이 많아서 스스로를 피곤하게 만든다.
토끼는 자신이 만들어 놓은 길로만 다니는 습성이 있으니 한 가지에 빠지게 되면 헤어나기 어렵다. 또한 자기 확신이 강해서 외곬수적인 기질을 가지고 있다.
논리적이고 정확한 것을 좋아하니 학자적인 기질을 가지고 있다. 그러므로 공부에 대한 미련이 많으며 항상 지적인 것을 추구한다.
호기심이 많아서 궁금한 것을 참지 못하니 남의 일에 간섭하기를 좋아하며 불필요한 관심으로 인해서 손해를 보는 일이 많다.
끈기는 있으나 뒤끝이 약하며 줏대 없이 행함이 많다.
의심이 많이 하면서도 귀가 얇아서 남의 소리에 잘 넘어 가는 일이 많으니 사기 당하게 될 수 있으므로 주의해야 한다.
주변과 비교하기를 좋아하여 스스로 주눅 드는 일이 많으나 자존심이 강해서 드러내지 못하며 내적으로 자학적인 증세를 가지기도 한다.
사교성이 좋은 편이지만 오래가지 못하고 이별이 많다.
내면적인 열등의식을 가지고 있으나 겉으로 표현하지 못하니 가슴앓이를 많이 하며 가슴속에 화병이 생기기 쉬운 형이다.

진(辰-용)은 양토(陽土)로서 적극적이고 활동적이며 마음의 중심이 잡혀있으니 자신에 대한 확신이나 신념이 강하다.
상상속의 동물이듯이 실제로도 이상주의적인 사고를 많이 하니 공상과 상상력이 풍부하다.
길신의 동물이니 행운이 많이 따르며 순간순간의 위기의식에 대처함이 강하고 자연스럽게 넘어가는 일들이 많다.
현실에 만족하지 못하고 집착하지 않으니 씀씀이가 크며, 하고 싶은 것은 해야 직성이 풀리게 되니 자기중심적인사고가 강하다.
남의 이목에 신경 쓰지 않으며 할 일만을 하게 되니 일에 대한 집중력과 성취욕이 강하게 나타나며 목적을 달성하는데 어려움이 적은 편이다.
상상력이 풍부해서 공상을 많이 하고 한탕주의적인 사고를 가지고 있으니 일확천금을 꿈꾸는 경우가 많다.
눈이 높아서 만족도가 적고 매사에 불만이 많으며 남들을 우습게 보는 성향을 가지고 있다.
처세술이 좋아 어디를 가더라도 인기가 많은 편이다.
자기 위주로 생각하는 경향이 있어 냉정할 때는 아주 냉정한 편이며 사귀다 헤어져도 한번 뒤돌아서면 미련을 갖지 않는다.

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August 09, 2006

Norwich International Animation Festival


Norwich International Animation Festival
18 - 21 October 2006

Norwich International Animation Festival presents a white-hot programme of seminars, debates, retrospectives and special film programmes, alongside the very best new animation from around the world.

W www.niaf.org.uk
T +44 (0)1603 75 62 80
F +44 (0)1603 61 57 28
E info@niaf.org.uk

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