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November 25, 2012


//자존심도 없고 자존감도 없고.
어떻게 비우고 무엇으로 채운담//

나 하나 꽃 피어
풀밭이 달라지겠느냐고
말하지 말아라
네가 꽃피고 나도 꽃피면
온통 꽃밭이
되는 것 아니겠느냐

-조동화, 「나 하나 꽃이 되어」

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November 23, 2012

a curse


화를 놓지 못하고 가슴에 품고 있는 것은 마치 독약을 마시고 나서 화를 나게 한 상대가 죽기를 기다리는 것과 같다.

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November 11, 2012


GhostAreDancing from Teresuac on Vimeo.

credits :

Directed by Maxime Causeret
and Gilles Deschaud

music Ghost are Dancing of Home & Dry : homeanddry.org/

Laure Laffererie
Romain Dowska
Arnaud Dussiau
Tristan Coindet

Description :
This is a personal project made mostly with Houdini
We create a motion capture of the face of our singer Laure with two cameras
The Main part of the effect are in 2D using motion vector and lighting from 3D
It was a real challenge for us to work with an abstract animated face !
Enjoy !

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Let's Dance

최소한 가로등 불 빛 아래서 이정도는 해줘야 됨

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November 08, 2012


I am still not ok but I am trying to be cured by myself.
I was crying when I was driving and listening this lecture.
I need time to arrange everything so don't push me until I ready to do my next plan.
That's all.

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