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November 30, 2010

The Truman Show

October. Minitar 1_Russia / 32mm F2.8 / LOMO 100

아침부터 숲속에 빠져있으면 어떡하라고.
And in case I don't see ya! Good morning, good after noon, good night.

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November 29, 2010


8AM. Minolta Hi-Matic SD. Lomo 100. V700

이건 괴물.
"인간은 못될지언정 괴물은 되지 말자"
이렇게 나올 순 없어.
힘이 없다.
홍상수 영화의 힘.

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November 25, 2010

Match Point

전북도립미술관 1층. T3. Kodak400

열사람 중에서 아홉 사람이 내 모습을 보더니 손가락질 해
그놈의 손가락질 받기 싫지만 위선은 싫다 거짓은 싫어
못생긴 내 얼굴 맨처음부터 못생긴걸 어떡해

2절. 3절. 4절. 한돌

삼촌이 초등학교때 알려준 노래를 나는 대학생때 다시 불렀는데
지금 다시 불러도 4절까지 안쉬고 부를 수 있다.

2층은 다시 가고 싶지 않다.

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November 14, 2010

Monday Morning 5:19

지난 주 기상시간이 53분, 55분, 54분, 56분, 59분 등으로 일정했지만
그리 좋은 상태가 아니다.
두통과 어깨통증이 계속 되고 있으며 무엇보다도 생각을 충분히 할 수 없는 것이 제일 고통스럽다.

너도 춥지? 나도 추워. DP2S. 8 Nov. 2010. 도서관앞.

At eight o'clock we said goodbye
That's when I left her house for mine
She said that she'd be staying in
Well, she had to be at work by nine

So I get home and have a bath
And let an hour or two pass
Drifting in front of my TV
When a film comes on that she wants to see

*It's Monday morning 5.19
And I'm still wondering where she's been
Cause every time I try to call
I just get her machine

And now it's almost 6 a.m.
And I don't want to try again
Cause if she's still not back*
And then this must be the end

At first I guess she's gone to get
Herself a pack of cigarettes
A pint of milk, food for the cat
But it's midnight now and she's still not back
Cause if she's still not back that heaven knows, what then, is this the end?

At half past two I picture her
In the back of someone else's car
He runs his fingers through her hair
Oh, you shouldn't let him touch you there
Cause if she's still not back that heaven knows, what then, is this the end?


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November 13, 2010

A Building

세상에는 두종류의 사람이 있다
이건 이렇게 하면 되는구나
이건 왜 안되지


나머지 한짝은. 너의 마음속에. T3. LOMO400

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November 12, 2010


'Apple-1' computer sold by Steve Jobs from his parents' garage goes on sale for £150,000

사십만 팔천번을 계산해봐도
답은 오직 하나

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November 07, 2010

Normalcy Category

간만에 객관식 시험문제를 풀었다.
다 틀렸다.

T3. Agfa Vista 100.

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Lingering imagery

The LightLine of Gotham from seeper on Vimeo.

Introducing 'Light Lining' to the US. A technique of projection mapping 3D content. Working in collaboration with Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards, the Frank Gehry IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for our transformation of sight and sound.

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Sprocket Rocket. lomo400. RX510

꼭 봐야될 몇가지 이유가 있었고
적절한 타이밍이었다.


Land of Hope and Glory - Last Night of the Proms 06

Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance Marches - Land of Hope and Glory, conducted by Mark Elder with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers, BBC Symphony Chorus - backed up by the enthusiastic & lively audience at the Royal Albert Hall, and nationwide at the Proms in the Park events

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November 05, 2010


Bubble Gum 과 한 쌍이라지.
자고 일어나면 15년쯤 뒤로 가 있었으면 좋겠다
자고 일어나면 1500일쯤 지나 있었으면 좋겠다




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November 04, 2010


어떤 질문은 이렇게 답해서도 안되고 저렇게 답해서도 안된다.
그러니 그런 질문을 한 사람이 제일 나쁜 사람이다.



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