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August 23, 2010

Geometric Zero Gravity


Geometric Zero Gravity. Stop Motion Animation+Computer Graphics.

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August 19, 2010

Animation Factory

AniFactory Exhibition
18th Aug - 17th Oct 2010
Jeonju International Film Festival Gallery
Closed on Monday

좋은 추억으로 만들기 바란다.

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August 13, 2010

Trample Underfoot

밟고 일어서진 말아야지. 그렇게 살진 말아야지.

자 내 얘기를 들어보렴
따뜻한 차 한잔 두고서
오늘은 참 맑은 하루지
몇 년 전의 그 날도 그랬듯이

유난히 덥던 그 여름 날
유난히 춥던 그 해 가을, 겨울
계절을 견디고 이렇게 마주앉은 그대여

벚꽃은 봄눈 되어 하얗게 덮인 거리
겨우내 움을 틔우듯 돋아난 사랑

처음으로 말을 놓았던
어색했던 그날의 우리 모습 돌아보면 쑥스럽지만

손끝에 닿을 듯이 닿지 않던 그대는
몇 년이 지난 지금도 그대로인데
하루에도 몇 번을 내게 물어봐도 나는 믿고 있어
떨어지지 않는 시들지 않는 그대라는 꽃잎

처음으로 말을 놓았던
어색했던 그날의 우리 모습 돌아보면 쑥스럽지만

손끝에 닿을 듯이 닿지 않던 그대는
몇 년이 지난 지금도 그대로인데
하루에도 몇 번을 내게 물어봐도 나는 믿고 있어
떨어지지 않는 시들지 않는 그대라는 꽃잎

그대라는 꽃잎

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August 12, 2010


The Pandora myth first appears in lines 560–612 of Hesiod's poem in epic meter, the Theogony (ca. 8th–7th centuries BC), without ever giving the woman a name. After humans have received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decides to give men a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given. He commands Hephaestus to mold from earth the first woman, a "beautiful evil" whose descendants would torment the race of men. After Hephaestus does so, Athena dressed her in a silvery gown, an embroidered veil, garlands and an ornate crown of gold. This woman goes unnamed in the Theogony, but is presumably Pandora, whose myth Hesiod revisited in Works and Days. When she first appears before gods and mortals, "wonder seized them" as they looked upon her. But she was "sheer guile, not to be withstood by men." Hesiod elaborates (590–93):

From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.

Hesiod goes on to lament that men who try to avoid the evil of women by avoiding marriage will fare no better (604–7):

He reaches deadly old age without anyone to tend his years,
and though he at least has no lack of livelihood while he lives,
yet, when he is dead, his kinsfolk divide his possessions amongst them.

Hesiod concedes that occasionally a man finds a good wife, but still (609) "evil contends with good."

선물의 끝.

인간의 끝을 보여줬기 때문에 희망같은것은 더더욱 없음

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August 08, 2010

10ve Invitation

서울 국제 뉴미디어페스티벌 / 그래픽영화섹션 / 8월 6일 8일 상영

3년만에 같은 날 같은 작품이 다른 시간과 공간에서 상영된다.
초대해 주셔서 언제나 감사드립니다.

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